Active Ideas for Your Young Family

October 13, 2018 Kayla 0 Comments

When it comes to keeping kids entertained over the school holidays, it can be easy to just plonk them down in front of the TV or their tablets. This is not exactly a healthy activity! Here are some ideas for getting your kids out and about during the holidays, and active to boot!

  • Go on a nature walk: wherever you live you can go on a nature walk to spot all the living things you can find. If you live in a town, see if there is a park or local beauty spot such as a river or canal and go for a short wander. Make a note of all the living things you can see and take photos or draw them.
  • Play games in your house or garden: no matter the weather, you can play games! Indoor games can include board games and the like which exercise your mental capacity, or if the weather is nice, you can go outside to play fun games like football, basketball or even rounders.
  • Dress up and act out a story: choose your favourite story and act out the tale using props and dressing up as different characters!