Day: December 7, 2021

1. Make it fun
2. Keep them interested in new equipment and activities
3. Offer incentives for good behaviour, like a new toy or game after every 10 minutes of exercise
4. Be their biggest cheerleader! Encourage them to keep going when they’re feeling tired or bored
5. Take the lead by being an example yourself- get up and move around every hour at work, take your dog on a walk instead of letting him out in the yard, etc.
6. Get outside as much as possible- even if you have to bundle up! Fresh air is great for everyone’s moods and immune systems
7. Start small with just 5 minutes per day – build from there over time so that exercising becomes second nature rather than something they dread doing
8. Reward yourself too! After all, it’s easy to stay motivated when you know you’ll be getting some ice cream afterwards